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Most of us have never heard of shadow shows. The shadow shows I remember were put on by pre-pubescent children with nightlights between late-night giggles and rebelliously staying up past bedtime. That was, of course, until I watched a video of a talent show and a group of very talented story tellers.

Way underrepresented, modern dancers perform behind a cloth that allows us only to see silhouettes, which they use to create illusions of props and tell a story much more explicitly than we typically expect from modern dance.

Named after the light-loving fungus Pilobolus, the modern dance team has performed for eager eyes on stages across Broadway, the Oscars and the Olympic games. Their 40-year history has brought them to their current show- Shadowland.

The story line will follow a whimsical coming-of-age story of a teenage girl and feature music by David Poe, in collaboration with Sponge-bob Squarepants lead writer Steven Banks. You can expect light shows, projections, and behind and well as front-of-screen choreography.

This is the first show of its kind to do a world tour, and it will be in our city for one night only.

For more information about the show, the dance company and its origins; or for direct contact information, check out their website here.

The one-show event will take place on January 20th at the Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts at 8:00 PM. 

Tickets are available from several third-party sellers, but are also available at discounted rates through Groupon and Goldstar.

The performance that opened our eyes to this new type of performance art is below, in case you were curious.



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