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Get Ready to Face Your Fears!

If you’ve never been to the Health Museum of Houston before, this is the time to go. A relatively small building jam-packed with fun and interactive displays to learn about our bodies, our minds, and- you guessed it- our health. This place is perfect for kids AND adults… just imagine ...

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Free toddler story times

Toddlers ages 2-4 or so are in a league all their own. Activities may need to be on the shorter side due to nap times, attention spans, or a mix of both. It’s important they socialize with other children their age, and learn something (colors, numbers, animals) while they’re at ...

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Room puzzles are great escapes

They’re cropping up all over the country, and Houston has no shortage of room-escape, puzzle-solving missions for families, colleagues and friends. Room escapes require you and your teammates — usually working with a facilitator — to figure out clues and find your way out of a room where you are ...

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