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Burlesque Shows at Prohibition Supper Club

This place it is such a hidden gem if you haven’t already heard of it. Prohibition Supperclub & Bar is a great date spot as well as a place to go for any other occasion or large gathering! It is magical and when I say that I am speaking of ...

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Shakespeare Festival

Theater for Enjoy Houston

“Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!” – William Shakespeare wrote that. I bet that excites you. I know I would be, because this summer is the Houston Shakespeare Festival brought to you by The University of Houston. Every summer HSF puts on two of Shakespeare’s plays ...

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Big League Dreams Come to Life

Different colored baseballs and bat

Over 215,000 paid guests every year can’t be wrong. Big League Dreams Sports Park, about an hour outside of Houston at 1150 Big League Dreams Parkway in League City (; 281-316-3400) — offers excitement for sports fans young and old. Whether you’re swinging at the batting cages, playing on one ...

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