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Ice Skating for Peace, Rainbow on the Ice

Still wanting to Ice Skate this winter? Discovery Green brings us one of the final celebrations on their famous ice rink. Rainbow on Ice will take place on Friday, January 20th from 7 to 10 pm. This event will be completely family friendly.   This celebration is brought to you ...

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Most of us have never heard of shadow shows. The shadow shows I remember were put on by pre-pubescent children with nightlights between late-night giggles and rebelliously staying up past bedtime. That was, of course, until I watched a video of a talent show and a group of very talented ...

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But, seriously, Museums.

This must be some of the most exciting times for our incredible city. We are all in a frenzy watching football and getting ready for the big game… but there are other very exciting things happening all around us. The Museum of Natural Science already holds the world’s largest collection ...

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